August 28, 2011



We're so glad you're coming!

Below you'll see the order button to pay for the HP3000 Reunion Saturday Party Ticket. The Party Ticket gets you into the Reunion Party, when you can also tour the Computer History Museum and exhibits, 5-10 PM Saturday, Sept. 24.

If you haven't registered yet, do it now at the Registration webpage (a fresh page will pop up in your browser.) Let us know what you will be attending, and tell the party guests you'll be there.

Aside from the party, all other Reunion events are free -- the Sept. 22 Marxmeier Eloquence User Group meeting; the Sept. 23 Migration Day briefings; the new Stromasys Zelus HP 3000 Emulator Q&A session, hosted by the CAMUS user group at 4PM Sept. 23, the CAMUS party afterward, poolside at the Cupertino Inn (cash bar). There's also a detailed technical presentation on the emulator Saturday morning, 10-12 at the Cupertino Inn, also free.

But you'll need a ticket for Saturday evening, so we can be ready to serve you at the Reunion's party.

Party Tickets are per person and non-refundable. We're also including a Discounted Party Ticket option for anybody who's a Bay Area resident and actively seeking employment -- so everyone can be included. We want to be fair with the fun, and we know everyone else will want to help support your Reunion party, too, with a regular ticket purchase.

The 3000 NewsWire is handling payments for the party night tickets. Instructions are below on how to buy. You can pay at the door, too, where the rate is $60, cash only. You can pay online, anytime up to the start of the party online. Use the address of this webpage.

How to Register and Pay for your Reunion Night

Select the ticket type you need from the pull-down menu below. Then click the Add to Cart button. The PayPal payment system, linked to The 3000 NewsWire's Reunion sponsorship accounts, will prompt you for name and address information and process your payment with a credit card -- or your PayPal account, if you have one of those. It'll notify us of your attendance, and will email you a confirmation. We'll also put you on the guest list. Your credit card statement will read "3K NEWSWIRE" alongside the ticket charge. Your confirming email will show you've paid to The 3000 Newswire LLC.

Reunion packages


Details on how to get to the Computer History Museum are on the Museum's website. Parking is free.

Customize your name badge, free

Like any good reunion, we'd like to include great name badges to help get us all introduced. We'd love to include a picture of yourself on your badge, if you want. It doesn't even have to be current -- reunions are famous for using yearbook pictures.
If you'd like to include a picture on your badge, send it attached via email to Ron Seybold at the NewsWire: [email protected]. Be sure to include your name for the badge in that email.

The Reunion's calendar, in development (click for details)


Reunion Sked Aug. 30

What you'll see on the menu
Reunion-MenuIn addition to music and the extraordinary experience of being in a room with more than 100 HP3000 comrades, the party will include a full serving of food and champagne enough for several toasts. (The bar is cash, but just $2 for sodas or waters, $4 for beer and $5 for wine.) Click on the image for more details.

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