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Fine Tune: Rebooting a 3000 Remotely

I want to provide an option for rebooting an HP 3000 remotely using LDEV 21. How do I do it?  Can I using a modem and landline or an IP address to get to LDEV 21?

Gary Stephens replies

Yes, you can use a modem on the remote support port set to auto answer. This will definitely work. It was more about controlling access to the console remotely. I recall one site that had a modem with a remote call-back to a known inbound number that was effective. Upon answer you were prompted for a U and P that had a dial-back associated with it. Ultimately it's all down to risk and your appetite for change.

Billy Brewer adds

You could hook up a cheap laptop connected to the console port (with a USB to serial converter). Then use TeamViewer or any shared desktop utility you prefer.

Tracy Johnson reports

An older PC with one NIC (you can remote into) and a serial port will also do. These days we just have a PC as the console via a terminal emulator (Minisoft, Reflection, or QCTerm). We use two NICs and just remote into the PC and open a window from there to do our remote reboots.

Mark Ranft notes

All the newer A- and N-Class systems have IP configurable remote console. I assume yours is an older system.

The PC options are excellent. If you have a DTC, you can set up back-to-back DTC switching. You configure a host (outbound) port on the DTC and you choose it by IP and TCP port ID.