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Sieler Q&A pageIn the 3000 Newswire's printed edition that's nearly in every subscriber's mailbox, we interviewed Stan Sieler on the occasion of his 30-year anniversary at Allegro Consultants. He co-founded the company with his partner Steve Cooper in the early 1980s, when IMAGE was simply IMAGE/3000, sans Turbo or even SQL in its name.

Sieler and Allegro have written significant parts of the database for HP in those ensuing decades. We figured it would be a fun question to ask him what the best substitute is for IMAGE -- for the 3000 customer who's making a migration. Or the customer who already has migrated, but is finding the obvious Oracle answer doesn't work optimally with lifted-and-shifted code.

Sieler's did the interview with us from his iPad, over Skype, and he's a big fan of Apple products including the Mac Pro. His answer on replacing IMAGE didn't surprise us much, but it's the first time we asked an IMAGE co-creator to weigh in on a replacement.

I really like Eloquence. Michael [Marxmeier] has done amazing things with it. Tech support from him is immediate and reliable. He doesn’t have problems with you publishing benchmarks. Eloquence has a lot of nice features in it. It has more features than any other SQL database — plus the IMAGE compatibility. It’s a win-win situation, it seems like. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that he doesn’t have a version for the Mac.

When I heard that Stan considered the lack of a native Mac OS Eloquence as his only kind of bother, the issue of emulation came up. (I confess to wanting Eloquence to come up with a perfect record; so many developers have said just that during the previous decade of transition.) Surely virtualizing the Mac would work as well as a virtual HP 3000 has already.

Newswire: Isn’t that something solved by running a virtual machine in the Macintosh?

Stan: Yes, and I don’t know why I never really thought about that.

Newswire: Wow, I can’t believe I actually gave you an idea.

Stan: Well, part of the issue is that some of our applications like Rosetta have the ability to restore into an Eloquence database and create it on the fly. I can’t test that aspect of it on the Mac, versus doing it on a Linux machine or an HP-UX server.