A Present Under Most Trees for 2013
2013 emboldened 3000 changes for both migration and homesteading practices

Expert's restore job INSTALLS, RELOADS

Mark Ranft, the IT manager who's been stewarding a farm of 3000s at Navitaire/Accenture for many years, recently sent what he calls a geek gift for the holidays. Ranft, who's also done service in the community under his Pro3k service company, offered a restore job for the 3000 console. The job's extra value is preserving error messages.

Here is a HP 3000 geek present for you! I used to do the first system restore interactively on the console, but would occasionally lose some important error messages as they scrolled by and I wasn't able to look back. So I came up with the following expert tip.

After I boot a system, set up disks, tapes and console access and set up the volumes for the MPEXL_SYSTEM_VOLUME_SET, I copy and paste the file below from a PC text file into the console. Once it's complete, the tellop commands simply spell DONE. I wanted it to show so I would notice it more than a single LOGOFF.

Note: I intentionally added the pause to ensure the tape in LDEV 7 reloads before the job starts.

Editor's Note: For those who might not know, the ">" indicates a redirect to a file; two in a row indicates an append to a temporary file. (Thanks to Vladimir Volokh for pointing this MPE fundamental out to us.) You can see a version of the job which you can cut and paste online at the 3000 newsgroup archive.