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UK 3000 vet gears up for European reunion

SIG BARDave Wiseman, the founder of HP 3000 vendor Millware and an MPE veteran since the system's most nascent days, is floating the idea of a "3000 Revival" to be held in Europe later this year. Wiseman was the chairman of SIG BAR, he told us in explaining what the Revival might amount to. Today he's calling the event this year's HP3000 SIG BAR meeting.

Remember all those good old days standing around at trade shows talking to each other? Never being interrupted by potential customers? Then there were the evenings sitting in hotel bars….

Well as far as I am aware, I am still chairman of SIG-BAR. I've dusted off the old ribbon and it's time for another meeting (only without the pretence of having business to do and without the hassle of actually bringing a booth!)

If you know anyone who worked in the HP3000 vendor community or user groups please could you ask them to contact me ([email protected] or +44 777 555 7017) and I'll find a suitable venue and date (maybe beginning of December in London?)

"It's around 36 years since I went to my first HP 3000 meeting at the London School of Economics in Regents park," Wiseman said in his opening salvo for this year's event. "That trade show was two piles of duplicated (yes folks, pre-photocopier) sheets of paper on the LARC editor and SCRIBE formatter."

So how about a European trade show again folks? As far as I recall, the fact that there aren't many users won't make a lot of difference. The truth was we never saw that many at our shows anyway. I recall spending most of my time talking amongst ourselves anyway, and I just thought that it was about time we had a reunion. My list of our old compatriots is woefully thin, but I'm happy to co-ordinate a venue.

PS. No need top bring your stands or literature!