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Terminal emulation app tested via LinkedIn

In a first for the HP 3000 Community, that LinkedIn group is trading test experiences for new software. The TTerm Pro iPad app, available to employ HP 2392 and 700/92 terminal emulation, has been sent for evaluation, purchased, and discussed among the 3000 pros in the group.

The developer of TTerm Pro has been responsive in the give and take for a product new to the 3000 world. Turbosoft's Art Haddad said that the software has had 3000 emulation capability since the early 1990s. This is the first month of availability for the iOS version of the software.

Stan Sieler of Allegro first raised the question about block mode's capabilities. "My concern is that most fourth-party emulators in the past that have claimed HP compatibility have failed in the block mode area. That's what I want to test most. Fourth party: not HP, not home-written, and not from a usual HP 3000 vendor."

Jon Diercks, whose mini-review with screen shots will appear in our imminent August printed edition, replied that "I've bounced it through a couple of NMMGR screens without trouble, but haven't tested any more extensively than that. Anything specific that you'd like me to try?"

The first report of a snarl came from Paul Edwards, consultant and 3000 user group officer with close to 40 years experience on the system.

I tried the block mode today with NMMGR. It worked okay. But when I exited, it wouldn't respond to character mode. When I did a VALIDATE, it switched to character mode and back into block mode OK. It just had a problem after the exit back to MPE.

After some initial startup problems, it worked okay. The on screen keyboard works, but isn't for speed. I had to delete a connection and create a new one, due to the product keeping a DEC emulation stored in it.

Haddad has been tracking the comments and reports on his company's product. "Thanks for your comment, Paul. I have asked our technical team to look into the Block mode/Char mode exit issue you mentioned. Please note that we are very pleased to assist, so if its not working 100 percent for you, please feel free to raise a ticket, either via the app itself, or on our website --