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As our At-Large columnist Birket Foster wrote in February, application vendors get acquired and trigger changes. Even vendors who've already moved many customers off of the HP 3000. Some portion of the migrated Ecometry community, as well as those still running the MPE version of the ecommerce software, are weighing their timelines for migration and changes.

JDALogoThe company pulling that trigger is JDA, which merged with the current Ecometry owner RedPrairie early this year. The result has been a stable of 133 software products, between the two vendors' lineups. Every one of them has a story for the customer, a report still in the making for many products. JDA recently said that nothing will be discontinued for five years. That makes 2018 something of a execution deadline for retailers using Ecometry, which is being called Escalate Retail.

"This was a merger of equals," Foster told us last week, right after the company educated some managers on data migration practices. Neither of these entities want to obsolete a product, because that would be a big loss of revenue. If nothing else, the current customers pay support fees. If there's versions to upgrade towards, there might be upgrade license fees to pay.

The greater ricochet from the trigger-pull is mapping out and planning for the use of the surround code that supports Escalate Retail, as well as the MPE-based Ecometry. More companies than we'd think have a loose track on workflows that require surround tools, such as Suprtool -- which is pretty much essential to reporting and extracting data out of their applications.

The changes in the environment of ecommerce users became evident at the JDA conference this spring. About 100 people in the Ecometry community were on hand, by Foster's estimate. When the shows were Ecometry-only -- a long while back -- more than 500 attendees was common. There were fewer sessions offered for Ecometry customers who are now looking at if, and when, they'll need to make a migration away from their bedrock application.

How many fewer sessions? There were four Ecometry-specific sessions, plus the JDA super-session, to occupy the time of CIOs, IT directors and supporting third party vendors. "They were still adding content to the conference up to the last week," Foster said. As an element in last year's RedPrairie Focus conference, Ecometry sites had 10 sessions. Foster estimated that 300 people from the community were on hand.

JDA has moved its operations for the Ecometry software to India, a change that can require extra effort and patience to embrace for the customer. While the support of the product has been guaranteed for five more years, no software company will ever guarantee the quality of the support.

In the time before that support comes under review once again, a site that's moved along with the Ecometry migration path should come to understand their application's workflows. "You'll want to compare it to the new, approved solution [from JDA]," Foster said, JDA Direct Commerce. He added that documenting the current workflow is an essential step.

MB Foster's got a JDA-Ecometry update webinar set for July 17 (Wednesday) at 2 PM Eastern Time. Register at the website, especially if you're interested in surround code migration expertise, to plan and execute a migration to JDA Direct Commerce. "Attendees will learn about advantages and risk mitigation strategies that will allow you to get started and deliver a rough order of magnitude timeline to the senior management team," the website reports.