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An Emulator's Obstruction, or Opportunities

Minisoft directs its e-forms, okays emulator

A few weeks after its founder okayed the use of the 3000 emulator with its middleware, Minisoft announced a 9.0 version of its eFormz package, one that generates forms on Windows 8 and Mac Mountain Lion clients, using data from servers including an HP 3000. 

A new Director module in 9.0 consolidates all eFORMz toolkits and print monitors into a centralized service, one which uses a new Web App for management and configuration. Minisoft says the the Director "can execute and manage multiple print monitor configurations. Processes can be selectively paused, reconfigured and resumed without affecting other output processes."

Its founder Doug Greenup checked in after the Stromasys freeware A-202 version of the 3000 emulator rolled out late last month. He says his lab staff has passed the technology and will recommend it to customers.

We got access to the freeware edition a little early. Neal Kazmi downloaded it and ran it through some tests with our ODBC, JDBC, OLEDE middleware drivers for MPE/iX and TurboIMAGE. It worked perfectly! We also tested it with our HP terminal emulator for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Java. The connections worked as expected. So from our perspective, Stromasys has done a nice job. We will be recommending this HP 3000 emulator to our customers.

eFORMz draws its data off several servers including HP 3000s and their IMAGE databases. The solution operates using a desktop software component, making the 3000 emulator even closer to the form generator. In the world where 3000 sites are employing the Stromasys product, their IMAGE database resides on the same server where eFORMz works -- a Linux-capable desktop or laptop system.

Minisoft's added PostScript & Zebra ZPL printer support, job scheduling and a built-in archiving capability to store and manage business forms and reports generated with eFORMz. These can be produced and saved in formats including PDF, PNG, JPEG, XML, or HTML.

Minisoft has a free 30-day evaluation download for eFORMz 9.0 available at its website.