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3000s get healthy admin tool for iPhones

Allegro Consultants has followed through on its promise to bring an iPhone-iPad admin tool to 3000 users. The company's iAdmin software, coupled with a $9.99 a month subscription service, This week got an MPE/iX version for management of HP 3000 servers.

IAdminScreensA free 30-day demo of the service for iAdmin is available for one server. OS Software Support customers of Allegro receive free subscriptions for all of their servers under Allegro support. Others may pay a small monthly charge per server.

The mobile app available is a free download from the Apple App Store, one which requires that back-end subscription based service. The utility for iPhones and iPads provides visibility into the most important datacenter servers. For example, the app identifies CPU loads for systems.

Using the iAdmin graphical interface, a system manager logged in to the service can explore server information as an aid to understanding a 3000's health. Allegro's Steve Cooper notes that "iAdmin displays a server's disk space usage using treemaps, in which files and directories appear as proportionally sized colored boxes allowing users to see at a glance how a system's space is being used."

Earlier releases of iAdmin supported platforms running HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X.  The app and its service now supports all four operating environments, including MPE/iX.

For more information, screen shots, and instructions on how to view some real-world sample data within iAdmin, managers can visit the iAdmin web site. Questions may be directed to [email protected], or call Cooper at 408-252-2330.