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Looking for MPE Expertise

Speedware has become Fresche Legacy this year. But the vendor which is one of two survivors of the four original HP Platinum Migration partners continues to search for MPE and HP 3000 expertise, even while its name has changed.

It's actually that name change that reflects what Katie Flynn Bernard is seeking. She's Freshe's Human Resource Generalist and just joined the HP 3000 Community Group on LinkedIn. Her experience description up on LinkedIn reports that her mission is attracting the necessary expertise for the renovation and migration of legacy applications. Including those which run under MPE/iX, although the company is also doing business in the AS/400- Series i community.

We checked in with Bernard to see what Fresche was looking for, 3000-wise

Right now it is more of a Case Test Builder or Test Analyst that we are looking for. Both are contract positions based either in our Montreal office, or initial training in our Montreal office and then working remotely, or at our client's site in Iowa.

Migration service partners in the 3000 space -- MB Foster is the other survivor among those 2002 HP partners -- always count on strong testing process to make sure the work is done right. It's the same way at Fresche, and Bernard's explanation offers some insight in how they structure a migration team.

The Test Case Builder Interacts directly with the client Business/Technical analyst to help create Test Cases that will be used by Fresche Legacy Testers to test an application that has been migrated from an HP 3000 machine to an HP-UX machine. This person must have HP 3000, COBOL and Unix experience.

The Tester will execute Test Cases on the HP-UX machine and report bugs. This will involve listening to Test recordings and following instruction from Test Documents. This person must have COBOL, Unix and Windows expertise. 

I've received several contacts so far, but am still looking for more! 

You can contact Bernard with your CV up on the LinkedIn group for the HP 3000 Community.