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8 decommission tips on a significant 14th

Tomorrow is a very special day in the annals of the life of the HP 3000. A "where were you" afternoon 11 years ago -- but tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, Nov. 14) you can get free advice on how to decommission data that's no longer needed on your HP 3000.

Of course, HP never intended for anyone to leave data behind in that infamous Nov. 14 advisory. Just the rest of the mission-critical enterprise, software, a career full of expertise. At one point, I advised Computerworld that the data in IMAGE databases would be a serious drag on 3000 migration. Not so mcuh, by today. Well, enough of that tomorrow — and not a moment of it until after MB Foster has educated us on 8 Things to Consider when Decommissioning Legacy Data. 

It's a Wednesday webinar starting at 2 PM EST, one you can register for at the MB Foster website.

Decommissioning is the forgotten stage of an application migration project. All too often it is an afterthought – this webinar puts a framework around decommissioning. Experience has shown that there are eight things to consider when decommissioning legacy data

During an interactive presentation -- more than just PowerPoint slides, but one where CEO Birket Foster is certain to ask each attendee how he can help -- the first three things will be examined.

• Evaluation of application inventory

• Identifying data owners and stakeholders and their future needs for legacy data

• Identifying types of information

MB Foster also promises to give attendees a chance to learn of the other five things to consider, what decommissioning is and where to begin, as well as its benefits and cost savings.