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Changing IP Addresses for HP 3000s

I need to change the IP address of our HP 3000 in the near future, and it's been over 10 years since I've done anything like this. Here's what I think needs to be done:

Open Config
Guided Config
Put in the network interface, (LAN1), then press Config Network
Enter the new IP address
Save Data

Tracy Johnson replies:

I would go with Unguided Config. Guided may change things (besides the IP address) to defaults that may have modified over the last 10 years.

Craig Lalley adds:

Depending on the old IP address and the new IP address, you may want to also change the subnet, and the gateway. The gateway can be accessed by hitting F4 for Internet. The gateway is found at the path NETXPORT.NI.LAN.INTERNET

If you are making the change because of a new switch/router, make sure the network guys configure the port for the HP 3000 correctly. In other words, if you have a 100MB card, make sure it is set to 100MB/full duplex and do the same on the HP 3000, and turn off auto negotiate.

Lalley noted that this kind of reconfiguration goes smoother when a manager takes the time to check the network timing settings. Those are available at the path NETXPORT.GPROT.TCP.

Independent IT consultant Al Nizzardini adds that creating a new System Load Tape is an important part of the process. Gilles Schipper of indie support company GSA also explained a key step.

After making the change via NMMGR and validating both netexport and DTS, you need to:

netcontrol net=lan1;update=internet

to actually effect the change