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CAMUS webinar includes emulator update

CharonFrontShotThe CAMUS ERP/MRP users group is hosting an online meeting in about a week, on April 17 starting at 11:30 EDT. CAMUS board member Michael Anderson is taking registrations for that Tuesday's call-in and web briefing, one which includes an update from the makers of the Charon HPA/3000 emulator.

Stromasys has added an HP 3000 business manager, Paul Taffel, who will brief attendees on this HP 3000 emulator. Taffel's got airtime on the docket through 1 PM. A demonstration is promised. The meeting is open to anyone who registers with Anderson, by sending him an email. He'll reply with login and call-in details.

In the hour following the Stromasys briefing, users who are managing VMS sites will share information in a Talk Soup about the track record of the Charon technology in the DEC world. The first ERP-MRP production work for the emulator took place in the Alpha and VAX community. Some CAMUS members have already shared high praise for the software's ability to mimic HP hardware (on VMS systems) using Intel PC systems. What's changed since those Charon versions is the hosting environment. It's now Linux instead of Windows.

Anderson says this spring's premiere of the HPA/3000 offer may not fit the users of older, smaller 3000s. The first release of HPA/3000 is only matching A-Class 400MhZ horsepower. Stromasys has proven lab resources to boost that. The rollout schedule promises an N-Class-powered, multiple processor version by sometime after July 1, but sold at a price above $50,000.

Anderson has said that based on the first set of prices, he doubts there's enough of an offer yet from Stromasys to spark growth of MPE application use during 2012.

"I don't see the emulator swelling the ranks of MPE or application users," Anderson said. "I think they are mistaking the ardor of the enthusiast as market demand."

"I think there's a lot of interest in the emulator for contractors who can finally put a development system into their home office," he added. "I don't think we're to the point yet when you can't get parts to keep old hardware running — just rob them from an equivalent HP 9000."

There's also a general discussion of CAMUS activities set for the meeting. Setup for the webinar is scheduled to start at 11:15, to ensure smooth connections.