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Some 3000 peripherals still connected at HP

Hewlett-Packard continues to operate a webpage to help 3000 customers learn about compatibile HP peripherals. The information at this webpage doesn't change any compatibility which a 3000 already enjoys with the XP line of disks (48, 512 and more). Since there's been no change in the 3000's OS or hardware since 2007, whatever's working will continue to perform.

But the devices listed on the HP page are much more recent in their vintage. HP still sells them. The XP10000 and XP12000 arrays are on display at HP e3000 Storage Products. For a company that's claimed to be out of the 3000 market, HP's after-market products have become persistent. Support contracts might be available for these devices from HP, too. But a support contract from an independent company is even more likely to include HP's XP and VA devices. A link called Fibre Channel Switches on HP's webpage leads to a gateway page crowded with Storage Networking products. Networking, by the way, was the only part of HP's Enterprise group which posted sales gains for Q1.

5814A FabricDiagramAlso listed on the Storage Products page, along with a raft of StorageWorks devices, is the essential SCSI-Fibre Channel Router A5814A, available in two models. This device in its -003 flavor is used to attach the 3000 -- using a Brocade 2400 or 2800 switch for Fibre -- with the XP storage units and HP's Virtual Arrays, like the VA7410 used at Hostess Brands. (Click on the graphic above for more detail.) Those HP StorageWorks and XP devices sport links that arrive at active HP product pages. The A5814A does not, a signal that the used marketplace is now the only spot to find a replacement unit. There's also the parts depot of your support provider, sp long as that indie firm actually operates its own depot.

Connecting an older 3000 like the Series 969 at Hostess with a more modern array is a proven method to extend the power and utility of an HP 3000. Each of these Fibre routers is attached to its own Host Bus Adapter in the 3000 as shown in HP's diagram. HP 3000s of the Series 900 vintage were not built to connect directly with Fibre Channel.

When a customer needs to connect the HP e3000 to a native Fibre Channel mass storage disk array, the SCSI-FC Fabric Router (A5814A-003) is used. Only one SCSI-FC Router is required between the host server and the mass storage device. The SCSI-FC Router converts from SCSI-2 at the host to Fibre Channel Arbitrated-loop for connection to Fibre Channel mass storage devices.

The magic of the -003 version of the HP router can't be applied after the fact to the more commonplace model of the device, HP says.

5814A SCSI-Fibre Channel extender uses microcode revision 7.60 or later. A5814A-003 SCSI-Fibre Channel Fabric Router configuration uses microcode revision 8.01.0A or later. The A5814A SCSI-Fibre Channel Extender is not field upgradeable to the A5814A-003.

We've stashed away a PDF copy of this HP field guide to Fibre Channel-SCSI routing here at our blog, in case it becomes tough to find it in the HP web empire. But we're surprised to see these references to HP StorageWorks products still allied with the 3000 -- a server HP hasn't sold for more than eight years by now.