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The Support Group is preparing its first app to fit into the new Kenandy Manufacturing Cloud. The company's founder Terry Floyd is convinced this cloud software solution, which can eliminate a lot of onsite IT, is capable of replacing traditional MRP/ERP applications written for HP 3000s over the last 30 years.

Kenandy CloudFloyd calls it Social MRP, built upon the Force.com application which is a cloud computing version of salesforce.com. Kenandy is the company that is using Force.com to create a manufacturing cloud. Manufacturing has been noted as one of the toughest apps to put into the cloud. Social networking gives companies a reason to make the leap up there.

Kenandy's foundation includes a feature called Chatter. "Between forms and reports, I can use Chatter to follow a product on a big order," he said. From engineering, through purchasing and including the interaction with vendors, Chatter gives insights and control that email notifications cannot deliver.

Chatter looks like Facebook, only better, Floyd added. Chatter in Social MRP would connect 25,000-seat installation at companies as large as Dell and Google, but it also scales down for useful implementation in much smaller, 3000-sized enterprises.

With over 82,000 customers and more than 2 million users, salesforce.com already has a big footprint on the more traditional IT enterprise. Using Salesforce as the introduction should make it easier to spark a migration onto a cloud solution with social spark.

"All the pipes are built for an app," Floyd said. "That's what the developers say about it. So a Social MRP user would just do the app part of their customization." The Support Group will develop its Kenandy Manufacturing App for free use over the customer base.