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Stromasys announced that it won't take on any more North American test sites for the CHARON-HPA/3000 emulator. The company building the first virtualized hardware server that acts like PA-RISC systems wants to provide the best test experience for companies already in the program.

To properly support our HP 3000 Field Testers, we have stopped accepting participants in North America. We can still accept several test sites in Europe. We very much appreciate your support, and we received excellent feedback on problems. Most problems relate to configuration and installation procedures, so we are updating our documentation.

Starting Nov.8, the 0.3 version of the software will be available to download for test sites from the Stromasys servers. But most important to the rest of the community, a demonstration system is accessible via on the Stromasys website. "The system is available 24x7 and intended for general information," according to the latest field test newsletter.

The company has added support for virtual tapes larger than 4GB in the 0.3 release. There are also fixes to the real-time clock, which deviated a few minutes per day. The engineering staff also worked out an issue with heavy loads on SCSI interfaces to the software-hardware combo. Field testers now have an example tape image to download, but "most testers have now produced their own [disk] images."

There's a new full-time engineer working in the development group, which is led by Igor Abramov out of the Moscow office. The extra help will "accelerate the development of a fast PA-RISC virtual CPU model and on SMP system configurations," the company said. A ShenZhen test lab runs CHARON-HPA/3000 testing in parallel, preparing for product support in Asia-Pacific.

"We are on target for a first product release in January, 2012," the field test note adds.