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HP, Connect to thump Unix drum soon, later

HP's Unix customers, or prospects for the HP-UX and enterprise solutions, are getting a couple of educational opportunities this week and next. The first makes a case for Unix retaining a lead spot in IT choices. The second introduces HP experts on power, cooling, and what you should know before moving to the cloud.

The settings couldn't be more different, a testament to the reach HP's enterprise arm is stretching. Tomorrow is a webinar "showing results from Gabriel Consulting Group's Unix preference study. Dan Olds from Gabriel will join," plus a HP speaker to present HP-UX specific results and commentary. "Come hear why users think Unix is still highly relevant and strategic for mission-critical workloads." You'll be coming to your browser, but you can sign up online for tomorrow's event.

In a couple of weeks HP takes its cloud-enterprise show into downtown Austin, at Sullivan's Steakhouse for a luncheon and talk about big-system product opportunities. Nov. 9 is lunchtime for HP's David Chetham-Strode, HP's product Manager for Data Center Power Solutions, and "cloud expert Clyde Poole, Chief Security Officer and Director of Professional Services with TDi Technologies. You can sign up for a lunch spot with Connect, which is sponsoring the HP event.

The briefings are the equivalent of attending a user conference keynote or session, but they're free. HP promises that Chetham-Strode will provide an insight into optimizing and adapting energy use, reclaiming capacity, and reducing energy costs. In this session HP’s latest advances in power protection, distribution, and cooling will be discussed and you will see how these new solutions save operational costs help extend the life of the data center.

You can save a spot for that steak lunch at the Connect website. HP said the Poole will tell you what to "learn what to ask yourself and your Cloud vendor before you sign a contract. This interactive session will define the cloud environment and then present some of these questions, along with what you should expect as answers from your vendors. Challenges Addressed: Compliance, Data Protection and Security Threats.