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Heartfelt plea for cancer survivor's bike/run

RonLivestrong2009 I have never done this here on the NewsWire's blog, but I am reaching out to our readers to help support a good cause this month: The LiveStrong Foundation's running-cycling Livestrong Challenge. I'm raising money to support this group that spreads millions of dollars among programs like a series to assist caregivers of cancer patients. I have less than two weeks to make my goal. We run on Saturday Oct. 15, and then ride the next day through the scorched Texas Hill Country.

I've ridden a bike thousands of miles to support charity causes since 2003, and some of my friends in the 3000 community have been generous donors to events supporting AIDS, MS, and now cancer survivors. But this cancer thing touches closest to my home and life -- perhaps to yours, too. I'm raising money after my bride Abby is pushing through her third year with skin cancer, getting screened, scraped, and burned, and having micro-surgery to remove sites that can be much bigger problems without these treatments. My friend Candace is surviving breast cancer after chemo and surgery, and my biking friend Ron is still clearing margins on prostate cancer.

Please help me help LiveStrong, so it help those we all care about. Every contribution counts, so we can ease the lives of people we love. Donate at my webpage, secure with your credit card:

Thanks for your support. My miles on the bike, and those in my first-ever 5K run, will fly faster with your donations!