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3000 developer job requires no migration

Job openings for development work on HP 3000s have become elusive in 2011, some might say rare. But the job listed today on Dice.com is even more rare: a 3000 IT position with no mention of migration.

CybercodersA Pleasanton, Calif. company reports that it sees unprecedented growth and needs a COBOL 3000 developer to expand its ERP systems. Pleasanton is just seven miles down Stanley Blvd. from Livermore, home to Topcon Positioning Systems, a manufacturer of positioning devices for construction and other industries. The firm is large enough and old enough to show growth through acquisitions, as well as faith in MPE ERP systems such as MANMAN.

Whether this is a MANMAN post or just one that serves a home-grown manufacturing app, the job requires MPE/iX, IMAGE/SQL, Quiz and Suprtool experience, plus COBOL coding. Whoever wins the job first listed on Oct. 13 up on Dice.com designs, codes, tests, debugs, documents and maintains ERP systems using those technologies unique to the 3000.

Even more rare is a pay scale listed for the position: $90K to $105K. In a market where 30-year veterans are consulting for as little as $30 an hour, that's a healthy HP 3000 salary. You don't want to make too much of a single job opening, but this one might say a little about the health of homesteading.

Software as a Service and off-hours support are also listed in the job, which might indicate there's some forward glances toward non-hosted systems -- plus a light body count in IT, or a very important position. But consider what's being described.

In this visible and mission critical opportunity, you will be a go-to professional that will program, integrate, and maintain our COBOL enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. You will also participate in technical and architectural-solution design and decision-making and recommend technical solutions for business problems or opportunities.

There's going to be plenty of resumes to comb through in Pleasanton; the job is being offered through the Cybercoders HR company. In a world where a long-term position is offered to use COBOL, Suprtool, IMAGE and maintain Quiz reports, this manufacturer might help make up part of a customer base for the CHARON emulator, too.