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Partiers nab low-cost 3000 Reunion tickets

PaidRegPicture 3000 community members are Going Green on the roster by buying their HP3000 Reunion Party tickets this week, filling up a room at the Computer History Museum with people who have helped make history. The party is Sept. 24 at 5:30 PM, but the lowest-cost $49 tickets will only be on sale (at this link) until Sept. 17. After that date it's a $60 admission -- so there's less than 10 days left to buy your way into an evening of food and fun, plus a couple of sparkling wine toasts. More than 120 community members have registered as of today.

Buying a ticket to the Party also earns another discount -- an all day Saturday admission to the Museum for just $10, rather than the regular $15 ticket. If you'd like to tour the museum during the party itself, it's being re-opened for the Reunion group from 5:30 to 8:30, included with that $49 party ticket.

Some attendees want to spend part of Saturday afternoon enjoying the exhibits which track the rise and miracles of your industry, so they're going to go to the museum reception desk and say, "I'm on the list for the Reunion Party tonight." Everybody wants to be able to say, "I'm on the list" at some point in their life, right?

Saturday morning will offer an in-depth review of the Zelus HP 3000 Emulator for the more technically-inclined, according to the emulator maker's CTO Dr. Robert Boers. That 10-12 briefing is at the Cupertino Inn and it's free, just like nearly everything else for the weekend. Another Zelus overview will be part of the Friday CAMUS meeting at the History Museum, Friday 4:30 to 6. But you'll want to register, to be sure the organizers know you're coming -- and then buy your party ticket now, when it's at its best price.

ReunionSchedSept. 7 The Cupertino Inn, just a short drive from the Museum, has a $99 weekend rate for Reunion attendees. Call 408-996-7700 and tell reservations that you want the HP3000 Reunion rate. There's also all-day briefings on the Eloquence database (a user conference for current DBAs and those considering the software for a migration.)

Speedware is also assembling a day of Migration Training, Sept. 23 at the Museum, which leads up to the Stromasys Zelus overview during the CAMUS meeting that Friday afternoon. A click on the schedule above will yield more details as of this week.