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MBF Scheduler gets subqueues in v 3.1

MB Foster is announcing the immediate release of SUBQUEUES in version 3.1 of its MBF Scheduler. The Windows-based product was created at the company to give Windows enterprises -- especially those migrating from HP 3000s -- the kind of robust scheduling built into MPE/iX.

The Scheduler now gives administrators fine-grained control over queues and delivers the 3000-like robust job scheduling features required to automate daily, weekly and monthly processes for Windows Server customers. The product, which customers can try for free for 30 days, gives complete visibility and control over data processing jobs.

Such an enterprise-grade solution makes it easier for system administrators and operators to manage running jobs, view job output, schedule jobs, view the queue of scheduled jobs, and maintain complex dependencies and relationships between jobs.

"Ever since our June 20th HIPRI and RUN NOW release, we have been asked by numerous industry leaders for this type of capability," said Birket Foster, MB Foster CEO. "The Scheduler's newly added SUBQUEUE enhancements ensure that we're meeting our customers’ evolving needs to deliver a solution that fits their batch job scheduling requirements.”

The MB Foster website lists additional Scheduler enhancements. The company will arrange for a 30-day evaluation version, schedule a webinar, or deliver more information with an email to [email protected].