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HP3000 Reunion opens ticket sales online

Dancing-with-the-hp-3000 Reaching for a different kind of user group experience, the HP3000 Reunion is opening up "ticket sales," instead of registrations, starting today. The Saturday night party on Sept. 24 is $49, with sales of the tickets available through a portal on the HP3000Reunion.com website. Credit cards and PayPal are the means to pay, unless attendees want to bring cash to the door.

(To be clear, the NewsWire is handling these PayPal transactions and passing them along to pay the bills in mounting a party and meeting. But like everyone who's involved in making this Reunion weekend happen, there's not a penny of profit in it. Quite the opposite, but that's the reward of being a volunteer and booster.)

The party's menu is online, alongside the "Add to Cart" button on the website. There's even a "Bay Area Unemployed" price to help out people who want to attend but are on a budget. That's a $25 ticket. Keep in mind that either ticket includes access to the Computer History Museum, where admissions are $15 per person.

We're staying updated on the latest to fill out a schedule of events over the weekend, but we're certain the Saturday party is 5-10 PM, with supper service and the sparking wine toasts between 5:30 and 9:30. But the CAMUS group is already assembling a good overview of the Thursday-Saturday scheduled events. An FAQ is due out soon.

Reunion Sked Aug. 30

The Reunion begins with a Thursday event, the Eloquence User Group conference, open to all at the Museum. Friday is set aside for the Migration Training Day plus the briefing and Q&A with the HP 3000 emulator creators Stromasys. Click on the graphic above for a full-size agenda, still in development and created by Terri Glendon Lanza of the CAMUS user group. The leaders of CAMUS are revved up about the prospect of an emulator keeping the MANMAN sites in production for years to come. They note that the Charon DEC emulator from Stromasys has been powering MANMAN Digital sites for several years by now with great success.