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Being an Early Bird easier for 3000 alums

Hotel rooms up and down and all around the Bay Area Peninsula are booked solid for a fall computer meeting. No, it's not the HP3000 Reunion. It's Oracle OpenWorld, being held October 2-6 -- the weekend that follows the Reunion, an event also being mounted in the Bay Area. Whether you're attending either, the organizers would like you to arrange your lodging soon.

OpenWorld, we were told by Taurus Software's president Cailean Sherman, is now so big that the vendor who's battling HP in court and elsewhere rents out part of Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay for the weekend -- as just one venue booked by a company with an avid yachtsman for a CEO, Larry Ellison. Parties, bands, all are on offer at what's becoming the largest computer trade show in the industry. Good luck getting a good room in San Francisco in early October. Taurus, which has served the 3000 community since 1987, and a much bigger market since the 1990s, participates in OpenWorld.

OpenWorld is keeping its early bird registration open a bit longer, however, a sign that attendence is not yet what the organizers hope it will achieve. Until August 12 the price is $2,095 for the 2,000 sessions and 450 vendor exhibits, $500 off the walk-up rate. Now that Oracle has bought Sun, the JavaOne conference is held the same week. The website says, "An affordable San Francisco hotel? It's possible at OracleWorld." But that October weekend is starting to look booked.

Please be advised that Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 2011 events will be occupying the majority of hotel space in the San Francisco area. We recommend that you book your accommodations and flights as early as possible.

A lodging location for the HP3000 Reunion is being organized this week, but your community's event won't require you ride a boat to travel from your hotel to the event.

These are very different kinds of events for different kinds of computer experts. OpenWorld is all about embracing a future of hundreds of partners by tying yourself to the locomotive of Oracle. As we've said before, Oracle's databases (Oracle and MySQL) and its apps are the platforms in this world. The operating system is secondary, or even less important if you're running HP-UX. The Oracle-HP war continues in the courts and in the sales fields.

The Reunion is focused on a single, classic operating environment that has always integrated the crucial tools for enterprise IT. And to spotlight the point of the event, its focus is to reconnect with the veteran experts who hold the knowledge, wisdom and memories of four decades of computing. And more, for those moving forward.

You can pre-register for the Reunion for free, to let the organizers arrange how many hotel rooms to set aside, at the event's pre-reg page. Just about everything but a nice dinner is going to be free. You can save the same $500 -- in fact, more than $2,000 off OpenWorld's price -- by singing the early bird tune.