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July 28, 2011

File Eloquence's Conference under Reunion

Marxmeier Software has announced that it will host a North American Eloquence User Conference on Sept. 22. The event is part of the HP3000 Reunion weekend, Thursday through Saturday.

CHM Meeting This Eloquence conference is a great example of how 3000 community members can use the September Reunion as a rendezvous point for other meetings. CAMUS and Speedware are also gathering users and community members during the Sept. 22-24 event in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

Marxmeier will be hosting an Eloquence User Meeting for those former IMAGE users who have migrated to Eloquence, as well as for those who are considering Eloquence for their migration.

Topics covered by presentations and on-screen demos on Sept. 22 include
  • new Eloquence full text indexing functionality
  • forward logging and recovery, database auditing, database server replication
  • database server monitoring with web browser and server log and stats files
  • using fwutil library to capture ongoing database updates with custom programs
  • enhanced item level security ("item masking") and database encryption
  • enhancing your application to take advantage of Eloquence functionality

The user conference is free, but Eloquence would like users to pre-register at the Reunion's webpage.

Meeting space for such user-based meetings, or vendor tutorials and presentations, is both reasonably priced and available. The Reunion is designed to be an event whose content is shaped by attendees. If you want to do something, says sparkplug Alan Yeo, "just organize it." It all starts with a call to the Computer History Museum, a visit to its webpage, or an email.

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