3000 Reunion to be a meeting made by users
What OpenMPE might be left doing, for now

World of Web links blasts beyond pranks

They say you can get anything you want off the Web, but there are some experiences you find by accident as ugly as those who create them. Instead of prowling around for opinions and schoolyard humor about decommissioning HP 3000s with cannon-fire, many genuine resources are well within reach of a click or tap on your browser.

HP’s storage choices can be confounding these days, with parts of three product lines all being merged and offered for managers of enterprise systems tracking SureStore, XP, 3PAR and more. A lunchtime talk from HP, via the Connect user group, sets the complex choices in order. You can track down the link by looking at our blog article from March 29.

OpenMPE may be scrambling to stay relevant, but the group of volunteers has mounted a server that offers classic technical papers, a collection of HP subsystem software for use in developing and maintaining code, plus links to the Contributed Software Library. The Invent3K server is the most tangible item from a group that’s been hunting for a mission. OpenMPE.com delivers these goods.

Webinars are worthwhile when they are well-led and focused on your own needs. MB Foster has made a habit of running them every other Wednesday this year, tracking subjects like data migration and management, as well as wisdom gained from years of helping migration of 3000 apps. Just yesterday the company detailed and demonstrated Version 7.06 of UDA Central, a tool for data migration. You can get notice of these upcoming presentations, each including a Q&A, at mbfoster.com. Healthcare datamarts are the next subject up in the schedule.

Networking is sometimes best done in person, so the classic user group meeting remains an important tool. The Connect user group mounts its annual conference with HP next week, and copious details are available online. I also spotted a pair of letters for download, written to help justify the expense. Details are online at the user group’s website, connect-community.org.

If 3000-focused meetings are the only ones to trigger your justification, this fall will include another one whose details will unfold in a blog. HP3000reunion.com is going to include what’s scheduled, who plans to attend and details about how you can organize your very own part of a three-day reunion in the Bay Area in September. Instead of wading through paper submission committees and an approval process, your community is opening opportunity for the meeting. All is explained at the website, they say.

If your tastes run to video that doesn’t debase the 3000 and its legacy, a simple search of YouTube turns up some inspiring and informative minutes. Offline diagnostic utility instructions for the 3000. A tour of the technical details of the N-Class servers, the most advanced models HP will ever build. And history, if you want, about 3000 software growing up, a Hewlett-Packard that preserves its icons, and how your community looked just two years ago in its previous meeting. And if you spy a gun-fest on YouTuve launched against an old 3000, brush past it. A lot more links are shots on target.