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No Waiting for Replacing HP3000 CPUs

Jack Connor, a volunteer for OpenMPE and a support expert at Abtech, has written software which can throw a lifeline to a stranded 3000. The software, which is offered through Conner's independent company InfoWorks, provides access to the HPSUSAN naming for fresh CPU boards on 3000s.

Connor is not selling a permanent alternative to calling the HP support team to get a fresh CPU up and running with your existing HPSUSAN number. (Your existing third party apps and tools will insist on the old HPSUSAN, unless you get a fresh code from the software vendor. In some cases that's not possible, because the vendor's gone out of business.)

The software is called NoWait/iX. Connor says the name describes the tool's intention -- eliminating the wait for the HP technician to arrive, on a rush-charge time and materials call, to transfer your old HPSUSAN to the new CPU board.

NoWait/iX is intended for use "until HP can be scheduled on site at both HP and the customer’s convenience -- and not paying the emergency uplift charge," Connor reports. "However, if a customer has a third-party tool which is no longer supported, or licensing is no longer available for an upgrade, NoWait/iX can operate indefinitely, returning the old information to that single product."

Connor expected the product to be wrapped up and ready by the start of this month.

InfoWorks’ NoWait/iX (no wait for HPCE to come on site to update a system board replacement), is ready to go. It is recommended that it be installed prior to a system board failure, so that when the system is rebooted the CPUNAME, SUSAN, and USERLIMIT for the old system board are already pre-loaded into NoWait/iX.  However, it can also be installed after the fact -- but downloading, installation, and configuration will add additional downtime.
HP will neither embrace nor condemn it other similar tools. NoWait/iX offers an advantage in that it is not tied to any one support organization and is available to the entire HP 3000 installed base.

Since he's a volunteer and the new chairman for OpenMPE, Connor will donate 10 percent of the sales of NoWait/iX to the group, if a referral comes through OpenMPE. You can contact Connor about purchasing the software at [email protected].