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MBF Scheduler adds MPE-like features

A good sign that a transition software tool keeps improving? When customer requests generate new features, and soon. That's what's happening with MBF Scheduler from MB Foster. A pair of HP 3000 schedule lynchpins, HIPRI and RUN NOW, have been added in the 3.1 version of the software.

MB Foster built Scheduler from scratch last year when its customers needed to replicate the advanced scheduling in MPE/iX. It's been a field-proven tool and the newest version adds more of what made the 3000's OS an enterprise standout.

"Over the past 3 months," said CEO Birket Foster, "we have seen IT projects within manufacturing, e-tailers and other industry segments that needed these types of capabilities. We wanted to be sure that we were meeting our customers’ evolving needs to deliver a solution that fits their batch job scheduling requirements."

Batch scheduling is important to companies that use an HP 3000 in a multi-shift environment; the more hours in the day your 3000 serves users, the more likely you're using batch. Making a migration to Windows means replicating one of the most mature capabilities of the 3000.

The company says that the "Scheduler delivers the robust job scheduling features required to automate daily, weekly and monthly processes for the Microsoft Windows Server platform. MBF Scheduler provides users with complete visibility and control over their data processing jobs, making it easy for system administrators and operators to manage running jobs, view job output, schedule jobs, view the queue of scheduled jobs and maintain complex dependencies and relationships between jobs."

There's additional information on Scheduler on the MB Foster website. Some of the other improvements to a tool only released last year include the commands MBFPAUSE, PAUSEQ, RESUMEQ, LIMIT, JOBFENCE, ABORTJOB and ALTJOB. There's nothing sexy about a scheduler, but just try to put a 3000's application onto a Windows server without one. The company appears to be taking the job of mirroring 3000 batch seriously.