HP 3000 to get its Night at the Museum
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3000 Reunion to be a meeting made by users

Reunion on September 24 at Computer History Museum seeks party-goers, volunteer organizers; also open to allied events; details at hp3000reunion.com

By Alan Yeo
Second of two parts; read Part 1

In these times of fiscal realities, the HP3000 Reunion needs seed corn (money) as well as a good set of ideas to get things off the ground. Up to now, a few companies have chipped in on the basics for a meeting space, but there are others who have enough commercial reasons to be at the Bay Area around the same time as the Sept. 24 meeting -- so that in turn these companies might have their arms twisted to prime the pump.

However, the rest of you: don’t think you have got off Scott-free. If you have been earning a living from supplying the HP 3000 user base over the years, it’s time to put something back!

We of course are hoping that some of you will help sponsor the event, but we’d also appreciate your promoting the event, plus organizing prospective meetings. So beware, before long you may well get that call or email from an old colleague or friend, suggesting that if you haven’t already, wouldn’t you like to help? Of course you could save embarrassment all-round and just volunteer.

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With all due credit to The Onion, hopefully we may have dragged a few casual readers in for the meat and potatoes bit. Our plan is that we will organize a late afternoon and evening reunion event at the Computer History Museum on Saturday, Sept. 24. Other training sessions begin Sept. 22.

The idea is that we will organize food and beverages and hopefully an interesting talking head/living legend or two. And that hopefully you provide your attendance to make it a great event.

However, the bigger idea is that we use the reunion event as a focal point around which other companies or individuals can organize additional activities. This means that whilst everyone is welcome to just attend the Reunion, there are other activities occurring that will make it worthwhile for people get on Trains and Boats and Planes to come for a few days.

We already have news that Marxmeier Software will organize an Eloquence User Conference on a day leading up to the event. Another vendor is planning to hold a Migration Training Day before the event. We have also had suggestions that it might be great for someone to organize a trip to the HP Garage, and possibly reincarnate the HP 3000-L luncheon on Sunday or Friday evening for those attending or in the area. (Some wilder suggestions have been a drive-by shooting at the old Cupertino site now occupied by Apple.)

In short, the idea is that if you think that “something” ought to be organized, or you want to get together a group of friends or customers (or potential customers) and think the Reunion would be a great opportunity to do so, Then Do It! We aren’t going to organize it for you, but we will help promote it via the event website hp3000reunion.com, and other means at our disposal.

If possible we will also provide a mechanism via the website so that people can register their intention to attend any additional activities. (WordPress experts, contact us.)

It has been suggested that it would be good to have a Homesteading event earlier in the day on Saturday for those planning on staying on the HP 3000 longer term. So if you think it’s a good idea, and want to organize it, then do so. We can assist in terms of promoting it and help in finding a location.

We can also put like-minded people in touch with each other so that they can cooperate in organizing it. What we can’t do is the heavy lifting for you in organizing it.


We are currently talking to a few hotels in the Mountain View and Cupertino area to see if we can negotiate special rates without having to block-book. We managed it for the last Community Meet, so hopefully we can do it again – it will allow us to extend the contact potential and transport organization if we are located at the same hotels. Who knows, maybe someone will organize an ultimate meeting of SIG BAR!

What do you have to do?

Well, either (sigh) browse to the next page and forget it. But what we need are your ideas on the concept of the event, any feedback on the plans above, plus the likelihood that we can drag you away from what you’re normally doing on a Saturday evening to reunite with old friends.

So hop over to hp3000reunion.com to get the latest news and provide feedback. If you’re feeling a little shy, then please email or call Ron Seybold (512-331-0075) or email me direct (44-168-429-1710 to call) — especially if you want to help by sponsoring the event or to volunteer your help in any other way.

Also, call and email friends and former users you believe may be interested. For this event we need to rely on community’s viral marketing to spread the word. Many people have now moved on, and some email and contact lists are well out of date. But you are not — even if the younger Tablet set wants to think of you as a museum piece.

Alan Yeo is the organizer of the 2003 World Wide Wake for the HP 3000, plus three subsequent Community Meets, as well as the founder of ScreenJet.