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The 3000 Transition Era has been underway for more than nine years by now. That means there's plenty of user experience to tap while planning a migration of applications away from the 3000. Today at 1PM Eastern time, Birket Foster shares some best practices based on years of helping customers make a move.

The founder of MB Foster leads a 45-minute webinar on Migration Best Practices. While you're looking at slides and listening to the presentation, you can be forming questions to ask and hear the other participant questions. That last part can be useful to help think through the many aspects of getting mission critical apps to run on a new platform.

You don't need to have made a commitment to migrate. The webinar is designed for "organizations that are thinking of migrating legacy applications," according to the company's summary of the event. You can register for free at the event's web page.

According to MB Foster's planners, more companies are taking a harder look at making a transition than the analysis of the past. Resources and budget have been harder to find, so justification has to be more considered. "Migration projects are challenging and different for every organization -- there is no one size fits all plan," the company says. MB Foster sees the choices as to build, to buy, or to migrate.