3000's Digital rival bids its founder farewell
OpenMPE chair appraises a future in play

Opening Up with Needs for Funds

OpenMPE surfaced with a fresh request for contributions today, a letter forwarded to the 3000 newsgroup and the openmpe-l mailing list. The volunteers want to attract $50,000 in operating expenses from the community, pointing to a half-dozen projects and proposals for 2011.

At the top of the group's needs: money to help defend against a lawsuit brought by Matthew Perdue, the former treasurer who was voted off its board in November. Perdue has sued directors Keith Wadsworth and Jack Connor individually and the board as a whole.

The group's letter proposes that contributions will help fund initiatives to resell MPE subsystem software via Client Systems (at 50 percent off list price), plus advocacy in the form of "helping to shape HP policy and process on upgrades to HP 3000s... a murky area at the moment."

The letter also offers a brief mention of distributing software that will let owners and support vendors make HPSUSAN/HPCPUNAME changes.

The software, developed by Connor, would be need an HP approval to emerge. "If approved by HP, a tool/patch to load on existing HP 3000s which can be activated when a system board is changed to allow the system to return to production and set up a scheduled HPCE visit to properly set the stable storage.

The letter signed by chairman Connor said "OpenMPE considers $50,000 as a reasonable goal to secure a viable future. These monies will cover insurance, operating costs for our servers, and funds to provide legal services to answer the lawsuit. The community can already enjoy some services, and others are on track now."

1)  We are Hosting INVENT3K accounts.  Contact us to get your account on this public access development server stocked with HP’s subsystem software.

2)  We are hosting the classic Interex conference proceedings online, the first time these tech papers have been available since Interex closed down.

In the future, we’ll be hosting former Jazz services. We’ll also providing MPE support vendor referrals -- and, as mentioned earlier, in a new venture with Client Systems, we will be selling HP subsystem programs at a 50 percent discount.

Some of you may remember we announced we’d charge $99 US for exclusive subscriptions to our Invent3K machine, but were asked to hold off on payment.

With the removal of the former Treasurer, we had to restart our bank account, but we are again able to receive funds.

From our website, you can send a PayPal payment for those accounts you’ve signed up for; we’ll be sending invoices shortly for those of you who require them for business purposes.

For the rest of our community, we need your help in contributions of any kind. You may send checks to:

OpenMPE, Inc.
P.O. Box 3524
Hampton, VA  23663-0524