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Get schooled on data migrations today

MB Foster offers a 45-minute Webinar at 1 PM Eastern today, leading a slide talk on extracting data from 3000s and application databases. "The topic has become very important as hardware and databases implemented 3-5 years ago are nearing the end of their life-cycle," the company reports. "One-time data migrations and cross-platform integrations have become the norm and resolve common challenges."

It's not all about mothballing 3000s, either. Implementing a new application, migrating from one app to another, upgrading to a new app version, or merger-sparked integration migrations are times to move data, too. Some sites are even keeping 3000s alive but providing a means to grab data as archives.

MB Foster leverages its own UDA Central tool for some of this work. The software recently gained the ability to transfer data to and from MySQL, Ingres, Sybase and CACHE databases, added to its Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Image and Eloquence interfaces.

Data Extraction, Reporting and Migration Made Easy starts around the lunch hour. Registration is at the MB Foster website.