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Fresh binary patch fixes 3000's diagnostics

HP announced last week that its CSTM diagnostics tools will run on January 1, 2011 without any HP support-supplied password on 3000s. But the HP engineer who enabled this homesteader's exemption reports that CSTM won't run as promised without a binary patch.

CSTM replaced the SYSDIAG tools for 3000s as of the MPE/iX 6.5 release. HP patched CSTM in 2008 to free up the use of these diagnostics starting on this Saturday, but patch ODINX19A/B/C. But Gary Robillard said that diagnostics stop when started up, failing because the Diagnostic Monitor Daemon (DIAGMOND) looks at a system's license level.

A “STM INITIALIZATION FAILED” message occurs is because it checks the license level and now determines that an “HP” license is installed. There is a code path to stop DIAGMOND if the session has an HP license installed because the expert tools will all be enabled. Since that is not the desired behavior, I have worked out a binary patch to solve the problem.

Robillard says he is "the engineer that last worked on CSTM for MPE/iX when I was still a contractor at HP back in 2008. I cannot say whether HP will want to generate an official patch for this problem or not." Robillard added that his patch corrects the problem -- and gives 3000 managers access to the system diagnostics -- for servers running the 6.5, 7.0 or 7.5 versions of CSTM.

Robillard provides detailed instructions on how to apply and install the needed patch, as follows.

It's safest to create an input file to SOMPATCH.


Add the following three lines EXACTLY (note that sompatch will not change the instruction at offset 268 if it does not match 86a020c2. The message "Error: Old value does not match" is displayed and no changes are made)

Hint: You might want to cut/paste them from this message.

~~~~~The 3 lines are below~~~~~~~
; Fix problem in DIAGMOND after 12/19/2010
modify ms_init_manage_sys + 268,1 86a020c2|08000240
~~~~The 3 lines are above~~~~~~~~
K binpchin,unn

Here are the instructions for installing the binary patch:

1. Logon as MANAGER.SYS. Make sure DIAGMOND is not running. If it is, it is not likely to restart Without the patch anyway...

2. Run stmshut.diag.sys

3. Copy /usr/sbin/stm/uut/bin/sys/diagmond,DIAGMOND


Output should be:
Sp>; Fix problem in DIAGMOND after 12/19/2010
Sp> modify ms_init_manage_sys + 268,1 86a020c2|08000240 86a020c2|08000240
Total number of patches being applied 1


5. Copy DIAGMOND,/usr/sbin/stm/uut/bin/sys/diagmond;YES

6. Run stmstart.diag.sys

After a few minutes, a "SHOWPROC 1;TREE;SYSTEM" should show the DIAGMOND process. and either the mapping processes, or the memlogd, diaglogd and maybe cclogd (A/N Class 3000s only).