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How to Train Newbies on an HP 3000

Several migration and sustainability experts have noted that the biggest risk in staying on a 3000 is the community's brain-drain. The answer to replacing more fundamental skills is to train for 3000 use and administration. John Archer of 3000 site ThermoLink needs training materials.

I need to put together some training for one of my employees that will be working on the 3k. He knows nothing about the box. I have been trying to find material on the basics and I can fill in on the specifics and more technical issues that I deal with day to day. It looks as if all links to HP's material (training wise) is gone and I can't find any self paced or tutorial material.

HP's Cathlene McRae replies:

Some 3000/MPE/iX training material can be found at HP's website. [Editor's note: This is a comprehensive set of links to dozens of training manuals and whitepapers written by HP, ranging from Using FCOPY to a comparison of several IMAGE maintenance tools.]

Using HP e3000 fundamental skills  and advanced skills manuals are at the bottom of the list.

Marc Cordeau of Speedware offered a link to the HP 3000 Series 9x8 Computer Systems Task Reference, hosted at

Paul Edwards of Paul Edwards Associates notes:

All the links [to training materials] are gone because HP shut down MPE training and licensed Frank Smith and me as exclusive MPE instructors, and had the HP training linked to our website. Our website was shut down last year due to the lack of interest in MPE training, except for in India. I still do MPE training on-site and have the details listed on my web site, I don’t know if the old self-paced training modules are somewhere in the HP archives. Let me know if I can help.

Several other 3000 pros would like to help train newbies to the system. Mark Ranft of Pro 3K would be glad to assist.

But I get the impression that John was looking for self-paced training for free. With that in mind, there are options like the Guided Tour manuals that make very good starting points for learning MPE.

Lars Appel, the former HP support engineer who ported Samba to the system in the '90s, pointed to several of the training web pages.

* Performing System Operation Tasks

* Performing System Management Tasks
* Getting Started as an MPE/iX Programmer
Reviewing at the least the table of contents might be helpful to see if they have information useful for you. Some sections of the programmer guide, for example, do have nice overview- style info that might be useful for a more than just a person aiming to become a programmer.