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HP gives away servers to sell HP-UX

For customers who want to begin training on the hardware and system configurations of the latest HP-UX servers -- part of a responsible migration project, don't you know -- there's a free HP deal that's been extended through April of next year.

C7000 When a customer purchases licenses for HP-UX, as well as an HP support package, the vendor will throw in a new BL860C blade server -- as well as the c7000 BladeSystem enclosure with two power supplies, a power module and four fan. HP is loading the blade server, one of the best ways to stay on the leading edge of Integrity hardware, with 8GB of memory.

HP calls the deal the Integrity Blade Starter Kit, but it appears that starting an HP support contract as well as HP-UX use is the primary revenue point for the vendor. There are fine print points to observe in order to qualify, and HP is enabling the free blade and enclosure through a credit of what the vendor calls "up to $12,000."

BL860C i2Hardware capital costs are not a major part of the expense of making a migration. HP 3000 customers rarely mention the price of the iron while they make a transition; often the replacement software package (off-the-shelf) can cost at least as much. For example, there's database expenses to shoulder (Oracle or SQL Server license seats, as well as the third party tools to replace built-in 3000 functionality like jobstream management, for example.)

But any five-figure HP discounts on hardware are welcome in an era where 3000 migrations are proceeding more slowly due to budget constraints. We haven't seen a hardware giveaway on the enterprise level in a long time from HP. As you might expect, this freebie comes from HP's proprietary systems line. There doesn't appear to be a complementary industry-standard server giveaway for ProLiant systems running Windows or Linux.

The fine print conditions offer the free enclosure and server to customers who have not bought HP-UX hardware since 2008.

To qualify for this offer, a customer may not have purchased any of the following products in the three years prior to offer redemption, as demonstrated by invoice history and service contracts: HP 9000 servers, HP AlphaServer, HP NonStop servers, HP Integrity servers, and the HP ProLiant DL785 or DL980 servers.

You can also use your Starter Kit credit against the price of any other Integrity server system, configured any way you need. If your reseller discounts that Integrity hardware, the savings comes off the HP giveaway credit. (You refer to credit product number AM348AS if you're doing your own procurement, without a reseller involved.)

The credit amount may be applied to alternative HP Integrity server blade configurations, which may differ from the Integrity Blades Starter Kit configuration offered under this promotion, at the choice of the qualifying customer. Any discounts applied to the purchase of the Integrity Blade Starter Kit will be applied as a reduction to the credit amount.

HP's offer seems to be aimed at the Sun and IBM Unix customer base, mentioned specifically in the extension notice of the giveaway. The Sun group at Oracle now has former HP CEO Mark Hurd at its system sales and marketing helm, doing his new job while Oracle works to prove that new HP CEO Leo Apotheker had oversight of SAP's admitted theft of Oracle intellectual property.

These companies, Oracle and HP, are competing in a serious way for the alternative Unix system purchase. If the 3000 site has held off from introducing HP 9000 or Integrity systems up to now, why not profit from this price war to get started with a very capable Integrity blade system and enclosure?

(Tip o' the hat to the Connect user group's volunteer community manager Kees den Hartigh for tracking down the giveaway extension. Follow his Twitter feeds (@Connect_WW) to track more HP-UX deals, for any 3000 sites which are migration-bound.)