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Update: You can watch the full TV event in rerun at the Stream57 Archive web page.

Connect, the HP user group, has organized a streaming TV event to update its IT certification programs. It's being presented through Stream57, which had great bandwidth and video quality during an event that Connect's Chief Marketing Officer Nina Buik participated in earlier this year.

HP is offering its first Converged Infrastructure Architect certification, early next year, and a new Networking Certification Portfolio starts Nov. 1. The Converged Infrastructure Architect certification is at the Master ASE level, and cuts across the server, storage, networking and IT management specifics in the HP product line.

You'll need to have patience to parse some strategic HP marketing language like this, offered up inside the first 60 seconds:

We're here today to talk about the evolution in the datacenter called convergence that is becoming more and more prevalent in convergence-enabled companies -- to break down what have been traditionally been silos in the datacenter, networking and storage and servers management into a common set of flexible converged resources that enable IT to better respond to business. Yesterday's approach to IT professional certification and training focused only on one piece of the equation: solely on the network, or storage, or servers, and often within a closed, single-vendor environment. The shift toward the datacenter of the future requires a much broader skill set for IT professionals.

In plainer language, HP has finalized its purchase and assimilation of 3Com, and it's got to learn to teach IT pros about a whole new product line of networking solutions.

HP's trying to attract the majority of IT pros who aren't certified for network technologies. More than three fourths of the IT group HP aims at now use a mixed vendor environment. The event's speakers from HP are Susan Underhill, VP Global Certification and Learning; Lyle Speirs, Director, Sales & Marketing, Global Certification & Learning; and Mike Banic VP of Marketing for HP's Networking group. Connect's Buik will participate, showing how the certification dovetails with networking among the user group's members.

Connect, which has been promoting its expanded website content this quarter, explains that getting certified on Converged Infrastructure can improve IT assets.

As more businesses realize the benefits of making IT resources widely available and adopt a  Converged Infrastructure architecture in their data centers, they need IT managers who have a deep technological expertise to build such an infrastructure in a cost- and time-effective manner. As IT certifications help IT managers deepen their understanding of the technologies their businesses need to succeed, this webcast will be a must-see for CIOs and IT managers alike.