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HP hugs Oracle with Unix v3 Update 7

HP-UX gains its seventh generation of improvements this month with the 11i v3 Update 7 release, which adds a range of enhancements to save time administering and integrating the OS with Oracle, among other technologies. HP's enterprise-grade alternative environment to MPE/iX has been already been updated for more than three years, and HP will carry the v3 banner well into 2014 according to its roadmaps.

HP and Oracle kissed and made up at last month's Oracle World conference in San Francisco -- held after Larry Ellison had scorched HP about firing Mark Hurd, then hired the ex-CEO to run the Oracle sales and marketing force as a co-president. HP filed a lawsuit and then settled, but there's another one between Oracle and SAP over copyright infringement -- which Oracle says took place during former SAP exec Leo Apotheker's watch. Ellison recently chided HP about hiring Apotheker, wondering "what ever happened to the HP Way?"

The improvements to HP-UX which hug the OS tighter to Ellison's Oracle were in development long before the current dust ups, of course.

The combination of HP-UX and Oracle's E-Business Suite is now promised to cost 93 percent less in dollars and time when the Oracle solution is clustered with 11i v3. Oracle's EBS stack of over 200 applications can be online in two days instead of the previous 30, HP says, and the cluster administrator can eliminate up to 12 hours of planned downtime a month.

Then there's better database manageability with "zero custom coding for Oracle Data Guard," a feature to enhance availability or disaster recovery for Data Guard. HP's competitor in Unix systems sales is its strongest partner in selling Oracle databases, and Data Guard maintains secondary standby databases as supplementary repositories to production databases.

Availability is such a crucial element in choosing Oracle and HP-UX that HP now boasts it's "90 percent faster to start up key applications after a failover."

The updated HP-UX now adds energy efficiency options for Integrity systems that were only available for the ProLiant G7 servers up to now. Migrating customers will need to choose the Superdome class of Integrity systems to get the improved power tracking. Graphical power and thermal monitoring of HP Superdome 2 can now be done through HP Systems Insight Manager and HP-UX Insight Control power management.

The OS release is needed to run the Superdome systems, but Update 7 also provides flexibility when doing security and patch analysis. Windows IT enterprises which use HP-UX have extended management capability with the new release.

Now customers with heterogeneous environments, and those HP-UX customers that utilize a Windows command management station, can now also utilize HP Software Assistant to allow security and patch analysis of HP-UX systems from a Windows console.