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Meet with users on Nov. 11 CAMUS webinar

The CAMUS user group, still working after more than three decades of devotion to enteprise resource planning for HP 3000s, is hosting a two-hour webinar Nov. 11 to spread the word about emulators, OpenMPE and even the specialized commands of MANMAN administration.

The event starts at 11 AM Central time (by then we'll all be back on Standard Time), with webinar setup scheduled for 10:45-11:00. Send your contact information or questions to Terri Glendon Lanza ([email protected], 630.212.4314) to get your registration started. Details of webinar phone-in and log-in will be emailed to registrants prior to the meeting.

The NewsWire will be participating, listening as well as offering any advice and news which can answer questions. What topics are part of the 11:20 to 1PM Talk Soup? CAMUS says

What’s going on with OpenMPE? Emulators for HP’s VMS or MPE platforms? What does that Comin Variable/System Flag really do? Bring your questions and comments to share with your fellow CAMUS and industry members.

Infor, the company which still counts HP 3000 manufacturing sites among its customers, is underwriting the connectivity for the webinar. Lanza, who's the CAMUS president, and vice president Ed Stein, a 3000 IT manager, promise a set of announcements about the user group itself starting at 11.

CAMUS recently asked the NewsWire to become its official organizational publication, which means we'll be glad to present news of the group, ERP and manufacturing solutions which once appeared in The Flash, the CAMUS online newsletter.

Michael Anderson, the Flash editor for several years, has been on the hunt for articles related to MANMAN. Anderson, who's been in the 3000 consulting and custom programming business for the same several years, has also volunteered for the Greater Houston Regional User Group when that organization was scheduling events that included the HP 3000.

User groups work when there's exchange like webinars (Connect participated in one yesterday) to share experience. We're glad to publish what manufacturing sites like MM Fab have to report about IT management. Tune in on Nov. 11 and watch the NewsWire's pages for shared experience. We'll work with you to help create an article or report, too.