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Boosting 3000 Effectiveness with Experience

MB Foster is hosting an Oct. 13 webinar that promises to steer strategies for the present, as well as the future of 3000 ownership. While the community is full of homesteaders, many are evaluating the time and method to step into their transition path. MB Foster is serving both kinds of users.

Birket Foster leads a 45 minute webinar next Wednesday at 2PM EDT, one where he will share experiences in successfully working with HP 3000 sites in planning future strategies. "We have worked with hundreds of HP 3000 sites," he said. "Over and over we see the same challenges in rolling out application changes, managing source code, and integrating HP 3000 data with other platforms."

"There are several strategies that you can deploy today for your HP 3000 and business operations that will improve your business, reduce mistakes, and lower costs."

Foster says that "when you choose the right strategies, you can also greatly lower the risk and cost of any future migration of your HP 3000 applications and data to alternative solutions and architectures."

Registration is at the MB Foster website,