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HP, Oracle hurl claims of damage via Hurd

Migrate or homestead data integration today

MBFAWebLogo A webinar at 2PM Eastern today examines data integration on the HP 3000, a modernization process that both homesteading customers or interim migrators can employ. David Greer, the marketing and sales director for MB Foster, leads a look at replication to targets such as SQL Server databases -- as well as historical access to HP 3000 data after a migration is complete. Registration is at the MB Foster website (link above).

The company has sold and supported its UDALink data migration and integration tools for more than 25 years in the HP 3000 market, as well as versions for HP-UX and Windows. In a project completed earlier this year, MB Foster migrated the UDALink suite to 64-bit Windows, a format that Microsoft will be requiring more often in the months to come.

Data integration is another type of migration, one that both customers leaving the platform and those homesteading can practice. Archival HP 3000s, running apps that contain historical data, are a part of many a migrated site. The system managers don't consider these 3000s production-class, but the data is still mission critical -- especially if a governmental agency or auditor needs proof of access.