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Eloquence adds 64-bit Win, UX improvement

Marxmeier Software founder Michael Marxmeier has announced a release candidate for his company's Eloquence database which includes improvements for HP's Unix, and the Linux environments which need IMAGE-like functionality. Marxmeier is calling the software B.08.10 update 1, a fresh version of the software initially released in July.

Eloquence has long supported Windows, including the 8.00 release, but the 8.10 version has been working toward extending its support of Microsoft's environment most preferred by migrating HP 3000 sites. "32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions are supported," Marxmeier said in a message on Friday. "Selected Eloquence components are installed both as 32-bit and 64-bit binaries, such as the database server and the client libraries. On 64-bit Windows, the installation program allows administrators to choose between activating the 32-bit or the 64-bit database server."

Eloquence received kudos for its IMAGE-like design from HP's own IMAGE labs more than eight years ago. Tien-You Chen, the IMAGE Lab Manager, spoke at the 2002 HP World conference along with Marxmeier, giving a talk together to help anoint the database as a best successor for companies which must leave the HP 3000. Robelle relayed Chen's Eloquence commentary when the database was new to the 3000 world.

Tien-You has been the Database Architect at CSY for years and is sorry to see TurboIMAGE retired, but he is "happy to tell you we have found a perfect replacement." It was interesting to have Tien-You Chen give this portion of the talk, since he was an independent source to review how compatible Eloquence and IMAGE are. It is important to note that although all the DB calls are compatible from an application perspective, Eloquence is certainly a different type of database under the hood.

This version of the database which behaves most like the IMAGE/SQL can co-exist with the 8.00 release, so users can cut over on a schedule that permits reliability testing. It can be downloaded, with versions for all of HP's 3000 migration alternatives, at Marxmeier's website. Since it's a release candidate, Marxmeier is still labeling the version as beta.

For the database administration expert, a few notes about improvements to Eloquence:

 - Improved database server HTTP status
 - Added filter support to the HTTP status

 - Changed dbkeyupdate function, to allow deleting data encryption keys from a database not using encryption

 - Fixed a limitation in the decompiler ("LIST") that caused a problem with array member variables passed to a SUB/FN

 - Improved DLL interoperability with 32 and 64 bit Eloquence DLLs. The new eloqcore can now use 32 and 64 bit Eloquence DLLs  that are linked against the most recent libeqdll library.