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MB Foster hosts Eloquence training

The creator of the Eloquence database and language is coming to North America for a thorough session on deploying and using the product that understands IMAGE structures better than anybody's. MB Foster will host Michael Marxmeier's class on Eloquence 8.0 and 8.1 July 29-30 at the MB Foster HQ in Chesterville, Ontario, just a half-hour outside of Ottawa.

The training comes at a significant time for the migrating 3000 community. The 8.1 release of Eloquence has been rolled into the market for more than six months by now, so questions on the database's new features will be on the minds of its users. Of course, the countdown to the post-HP era of 3000 ownership will be under six months when the training takes place. Companies motivated to learn new technology to get off the 3000 are polishing their migrations this summer.

The training is $500 for the two days, but MB Foster is offering a discount for early registrations. Even at the full price, the class is likely to be one of the least expensive elements of the training trip. But it's a rare thing to learn a product at the hands of its creator.

Attendees who sign up by July 9 pay only $400 for the two days of education. Registration is through the MB Foster offices, 800-ANSWERS.

The agenda for the class:

  • What is new in Eloquence 8.0
  • What is new in version 8.1
  • How to get more from your Eloquence environment
  • Maintaining an Eloquence DB
  • Optimization
  • Using Forward log files
  • How to recover after a disk failure
  • Replication
  • Using Encryption in Eloquence
  • How security works in Eloquence
  • Using Eloquence with MB Foster products
  • Support capabilities and options