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April 15, 2010

Cross over lines from disk's unknown state

I had a mirrored disk drive in a Jamaica Enclosure attached to my N-Class 3000 go bad.  The DSTAT results showed that it went into a ‘BUSY’ state, and nothing short of a reboot could clear it. During the reboot, I replaced the drive. But when the system went through “Mount All Volumes” it complained about a duplicate volume. My 3000 now shows this replaced drive in an "UNKNOWN" state. How do I resolve this partially mounted volume issue?

Gilles Schipper replies

You should use VOLUTIL's suspendmirrvol command. After you've replaced the drive, you simply:

replacemirrvol IT_UV:member2 (plus volume number)

There’s really no need to perform a store-to-disk or buldjob stuff. But if really want to do that, there are a few steps that are needed.

I would first perform a directory store, as in:

:store command.pub.sys;directory;onvs=mpexl_system_volume_set,diskdump,it_uv,a_uv,b_uv;*t;show

Then, store the files on it_uv, ..
Then, after vsclosing, etc,

:restore *t;;directory;show

Then restore of files on that volset -- with the ;olddate;create;keep;partdb options. But I don't think any subsequent steps (vsclose, scratch, then rebuilding the volume set) will be necessary.

What's more, you really should not need to do a FORMATVOL. I've only once actually ever needed to do that -- and I did not do it with MPE, which is extremely slow.

A simple VOLUTIL replacemirrvol should do the trick after you've replaced the drive. The fact that the drive is in an "UNKNOWN" state is perfectly normal for the situation you described.

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