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Connect opens Tech Forum sign-up doors

Voting remains apace on uncontested ballot

OpenMPE is holding an election this month that amounts to a confirmation for the community. The eight-year-old organization, which Connect user group president Chris Koppe says is carrying the advocacy torch for the 3000, names and selects its directors each spring. This year five seats are up for grabs, although the reaching comes from the candidates' commitment to stretch themselves.

Sitting directors Donna Hofmeister (secretary) John Wolff (vice-president) and Walter Murray (ex-HP, customer) are not seeking another term. Hofmeister resigned late in 2009. Filling their places will be three new volunteers, Connie Selitto (customer), Jack Connor (Abtech support) and Keith Wadsworth (Orbit Software). The voting continues through next week.

Why bother to vote? This week in Texas we held a primary election, and many of the candidates on both Republican and Democratic ballots had no opposition. Abby and I voted because it was our responsibility as citizens. If you don't participate, you can't carp about the condition of your community. We're voting today from the organization's balloting Web page. (You will need your membership number.) Candidate bios are up there, too.

More companies than HP ever imagined will be using the 3000 starting next year, when there's no HP around to offer even the peace-of-mind support you rarely used. Independents will serve the community, HP partners former and present (if they do non-3000 business). An independent council with a source code license is a good organization to join, and this election is the first tangible thing a homesteader can participate in if they're new. The membership is even less than Connect's value-priced $50. It's free, this year.

IN PRIOR YEARS the voting rarely topped 80 ballots cast, but those were years when OpenMPE had nothing but questions that it demanded HP answer (some, it did) and plans for building a development lab out of independent consultants' contract time. This year the source code HP licensed to the organization is headed to a top MPE guru for verification, the first step in creating patches to solve problems.

Joining is as simple as a visit to the OpenMPE Web page and filling in a few fields. If you're a member and need your membership number, you can e-mail the current secretary Tracy Johnson for a reminder.