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MBF-Reporter serves up Integrity, Eloquence

MB Foster has released its MBF-Reporter tool in a version optimized for HP's Integrity Unix servers and the Eloquence database. MBF-Reporter is a report writing solution the company has tuned for high performance transactional environments. The new director of MB Foster's marketing and sales, 3000 veteran David Greer, said that more than a million answers a day are generated by MBF-Reporter.

The Integrity-Eloquence version of Reporter is being launched in a high-transaction, high-profile environment, where the products will transition more than 50,000 reports at more than 30 physical locations. "MBF-Reporter expands its performance capabilities for these customers," said Birket Foster, MB Foster's CEO. "MBF-Reporter will be rolled out throughout the organization during the migration to open systems, to provide seamless access to all reports."

Although Foster's team couldn't comment on the exact name of that organization, the profile matches up with the extensive State Board of Community and Technical Colleges migration in Washington state. The SBCTC posted a PowerPoint review of its migration plans that points to MB Foster's software as the essential first tool in a migration of tens of thousands of reports and millions of lines of code.

Integrity and Itanium support is new to the MBF-Reporter software, but the MB Foster data utilities support most open systems platforms in addition to the bedrock of the HP 3000 installed base. Integrity support is crucial to the longest lifespan for the HP-UX environment that the SBCTC has chosen for its migration. Eloquence, which has assembled a loud chorus of success from thousands of organizations — some of whom have migrated to the database from IMAGE — is the exclusive database supported by MBF-Reporter.

"MBF-Reporter makes it possible to analyze the vast stores of data in Eloquence databases to reliably produce information that enterprises need to satisfy their end users and executives," the company stated in its rollout release. The company says MBF-Reporter has the most customers supported on MPE, but it is also supported on Linux with Oracle. The recent announcement tracks the first customer using MBF-Reporter on HP-UX running on HP Integrity servers with Eloquence. Other MB Foster products supported on HP Integrity are products in the UDA Series and UDA Synch. The UDA Synch product supports IMAGE, Eloquence, Oracle, and Microsoft's SQL Server.

Greer said that the MB Foster products "provide critical information to hundreds of thousands of business decision makers around the globe. For any enterprise solution supplying in excess of a million answers a day, I would suggest that at least 10 percent of those queries and reports will be for business decision makers, especially over the course of a year."