Directions on Using Store vs. Buldacct
Micro Focus adds COBOL remote development

Back up the directory, plus the data

Yesterday our Homesteading Editor Gilles Schipper gave sound advice on the use of buldacct and store while backing up -- to ensure that a restore puts files in the correct places on a 3000. He also advised we wait to hear what 3000 pro and Allegro Consultants support expert Donna Hofmeister has to say about doing an INSTALL, which Shipper concluded yesterday was a better option. 

Hofmeister ran 3000 IT operations for years at Long's Drug. She says, "As long as you are somehow and routinely backing up your system's directory, you're doing the right thing." She's got a document that details steps on how to do a weekly full backup, with buldjob files. She's shared that with us (a Word document).

The advice has been polished and improved by Hofmeister, former OpenMPE director Paul Edwards and Shipper. It started its life as an HP document. And so the third party independent community again improves on what HP has created and documented. That might provide solace for anyone who worries about the decline of HP's 3000 interests.