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New entry emerges for 3000 encryption

A new product appeared under the data encryption tree for the 3000 last week, on Christmas Eve no less, when Brian Donaldson announced software which encrypts flat files.

The unnamed product uses the AES256 encryption standard for flat files, KSAMXL, circular and message files under MPE/iX. Spoolfiles can't be encrypted with the new product.

New software for the HP 3000 is a novelty all by itself, here in the shadow of 2010. Much of what you're likely to see in the year to come will emerge like this product: announced on a newsgroup, developed, sold and supported by an individual. Some of the greatest software in the 3000's history was built by teams of three or fewer engineers.

It might be enough -- if you're attempting to show an auditor how the 3000 can comply with a PCI DSS credit card standard, any encryption solution is better than none at all. Donaldson will provide more details via an e-mail contact

He included these details in his Dec. 24 announcement, starting with file types supported:

Flat file (file type=0)
Bytestream Files (Record Type=9)
MPEiX STORE files (file code=2501)
CMKSAM (file type=1)
RIO (file type=2)
KSAMXL (file type=3)
CIR (file type=4)
MSG (file type=6)
SD   (file type=0, 1084 file code)
Cognos 644 file coded files.

Spoolfiles cannot be encrypted.

It can be run via the VPlus application or by batch job and will process files stored in the MPE and HFS file spaces.

It can also decrypt files already encrypted on a foreign platform such as a Web site. The software can encrypt all of the data in a file, or parts of the file thereof (such as only credit card numbers, customer numbers, phone numbers, and more.)