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RonBigAtCoast     If you want to be connected, social networks will link you into whatever you need to know right away. The world’s wildest and widest social net, Twitter, can put you in direct and immediate contact with anyone who’s a member. Millions of people, posting all around the wide world, can make you smarter, funnier and richer. (Sorry, not thinner. There’s only so much an electronic medium can do.)

    If only there were more HP 3000 community members on Twitter. I can see the eyes rolling for many of my readers at this moment. They believe don’t have the time to plug in to social networks like Facebook, Linked In, the Connect User Group’s community, or even others. “I have enough to do already,” they argue, and then might add a quip that they have a real life.

    That’s a more current argument if your professional life doesn’t span a world any larger than your county, state or province. As an IT pro, your field is as wide as your ambition and desire to grow and learn. If you don’t network using the tools of the Web, you’d better be traveling to meetings and conferences.

    I enjoyed the glee of mixing both in-person and online networking this fall. At the latest e3000 Community Meet I sat in the front row of a Hyatt hotel room to listen and ask questions. I also spread Twitter tweets in pretty-much live broadcasting. I get excited about that broadcasting prospect because of my dad’s work while I grew up. He engineered broadcasts for WSPD-TV. That was my first taste of being a part of the media. At the Meet I got to shoot video which is up on the NewsWire's YouTube channel. It's another way to podcast, one where the speakers are featured instead of your host/editor.

    There are light years between dad’s days lifting and mounting 6-pound videotape reels of news and talk shows, and my unreeling just-announced 3000 news from a laptop keyboard, or my iPhone. Today I feel grateful to have experienced this evolution of media. You might feel as fortunate to have survived the ENQ/ACK black arts days of enterprise computing management. Your journey has carried computing so far that now some experts predict a small company won’t be able to afford to employ enough IT gurus.

    That last belief provides a very good reason to network in social and business settings. IT skills and practices are still valuable, both to your livelihood and to companies around the world. However, finding in-person daily employment presents greater challenges than ever. Working has become a world wide pursuit. Nets, wide like Twitter and business-focused like Linked In, extend and improve your reach.

    So having presented this pitch to connect over social nets, let me pause to explain where a few favorite links lie. Follow us at our feed on Every day the stories at the right generate automatic notice as they surface. Get your experience posted on Linked In. Staying in personal touch can help partnerships, so Facebook plays a role. 156 members belong to the Linked In 3000 Community group. Join us. You can experiment just as you might learning perl or ITIL practices. Keep your postings as modest as e-mails, but share what you learn. Become a community source.