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SSJMDisplay A serious share of HP 3000 migration projects target SQL Server as an IMAGE replacement. The Eloquence database is a sleeker, faster, more 3000-friendly solution, plus it runs across all three major migration environments. But SQL Server is a Microsoft product, tied to Windows, the most popular migration target.

All those follow-the-crowd reasons show why a brief announcement from Computing Solutions Ltd. (CSL) could help migrating 3000 sites.The UK company sold Linkway an IMAGE-to-ODBC utility starting in the 1990s. Now the vendor is tossing its development hat into the SQL Server arena.

CSL's SQL Server Job Monitor (SSJM) software is on sale at launch prices through this month, according to Tom Moore of the company. The utility helps supply automated monitoring of batch work (SQL jobs) to the Windows environment.

Linkway earned good marks from the community in the late '90s, while IMAGE was still gaining tools like the company's founding product. The company continues to support some 3000 customers still using its products and services. Batch work under Windows merits special considerations while making a migration, according to Unicon's Mike Howard.

Using a third party tool for batch management under Windows can be helpful, Howard says. "Windows has a basic job scheduler which is often sufficient for most customers, but if a more comprehensive product is required I would recommend Global ECS from Vinzant Software."

Drilling down into the database batch work is SSJM's specialty. The product can be used with SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008, Moore said. "It supports exception reporting of failures of SQL jobs that need corrective action, as well as an interface to other monitoring software as required." One unique feature of the product is that "it particularly supports a wall-mounted display as an operator's support tool, showing colored statuses of all jobs for the monitored server."

As for the link between Linkway and SSJM, Moore reports that it's all a result of evolution of fundamental database utility technology.

CSL has continued on in software development, particularly in Web application developments on SQL or Oracle as clients need, whilst still keeping services running from the HP 3000 for non-migrated clients. There are still sites that have not migrated, but they don’t want to invest now!

Details on the new product and an offer to download a copy for a free 14-day trial are at the product's Web site.