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Investing in 9x7s could be part-ly wise

947Craigslist A Series 947 HP 3000 surfaced on Craigslist yesterday priced at $400. Offered by Alan Cartwright of Gilroy, Calif., the computer was purchased at auction. Gilroy said the system is new to him and he'd like to resell it. He's not really certain how he should price this computer first released in the 1990s.

"I really have no idea what this is worth," he said on the day after he posted the item, "so any info you could give me based on the facts already at hand would be great." He did note that as configured, the server sold new for more than $150,000. So that would make his asking price a 99.8 percent discount.

Since he's not sure if his paperwork will pass HP's muster to transfer the MPE/iX license, Cartwright will have to wait on that assessment. But Bob Sigworth of Bay Pointe Technology took a quick look at the listing. The 3000 hardware reseller said it's been a long time since he's seen a Series 9x7 with decent license paperwork. The phrase "parts box" came up to describe Cartwright's offer.

Not that there's anything wrong with selling a 9x7 for parts, or buying one. There's a internal systems clock in a 9x7 that's a combination battery-chip. It's not easily replaced if it goes bad, which will happen to a 15-year-old computer. The 9x7's $400 might be worthwhile just to get the Dallas Semiconductor DS1287. (Tip of the hat to Bob J. at 3000 hardware support company Ideal Computer for the part number on the clock.)

The software could be worth a lot less. Sigworth said the MPE/iX license could be tough to qualify for a License To Use certificate from HP. "I have not seen a legit LTU on a 9x7 in years,  I am sure it could be very well a parts box. $400 is a bit steep for a 9x7."

If you'd like to reel in the system from Cartwright, you can check out his Craigslist posting, or call him at 408-210-8185. At the $400 price, he says you'll need to pick it up yourself or pay to have it packaged and shipped.