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Houston, we have HP-UX training, free

Even though many IT pros disregard the word free, and cull it from e-mail, the old-school HP 3000 community remembers genuine gifts to customers. Source Direct, a supplier of enterprise hardware, is sponsoring free training in the Houston area in three weeks. The source of the training makes it easy to identify the value you'll get on Dec. 9.

On that Wednesday from 11-5 you can receive HP-UX training from Bill Hassell, one of the best recognized Unix gurus in the HP community. Two years ago, the Greater Houston Regional User Group (GHRUG) included Hassell in GHRUG's user conference. Hassell has demonstrated enough HP-UX savvy and experience to fill a full day of pre-conference training at the HP Technology Forum. His training during that HPTF day was being sold at $495.

GHRUG may not have mounted a public meeting this year, but the user group has delivered notice of this free training to its membership list. As HP 3000 members of GHRUG have made transitions to HP's Unix, they need the kind of administration tips that save time. The cost of the training is already saving them money. There's a free lunch, too.

To reserve a seat and get directions to the event you can contact Dave Crawford, Regional Client Business Manager at Source Direct -- (713) 473-5368 or [email protected]

IT pros who've recently arrived in the HP-UX environment can also walk away with a CD of "powerful HP-UX tools" as part of the half-day at the Sheraton Suites (2400 West Loop 610, Houston 77027). As part of a Source Direct University program, the event promises power and discovery.

The presentation is intended to share little known but powerful tips and techniques that will enable HP-UX System Administrators to prevent mistakes that lead to downtime, as well as increase security and reliability.

The information in this seminar will increase Sys Admin productivity through streamlined administrative tasks, increase responsiveness to problems, and productivity tools that will extend a Sys Admin’s ability to manage a complex multi-system environment.

The event also serves as notice that Hassell has joined Source Direct, after 20-plus years of work at HP and more than a decade on his own as an independent consultant. His seminar is aimed at an IT pro who's moved beyond beginner status on Unix, "designed for intermediate and senior system administrators, and will cover many of the most common areas of managing single and multiple HP-UX systems. This seminar will present  techniques for standardizing systems, advanced scripting techniques, managing user accounts, and common security techniques."

Source Direct and Hassell also point out that the half-day offers best practices and tools that do not exist on most HP-UX systems. System administration can present more of a roll-your-own experience in the Unix environment. Learning how to make HP-UX utilities and commands work to reproduce MPE/iX talents could ease a migration -- one already accomplished, or a transition still underway.